Being a reporter

I’ve been here already for a very long time. The photo taken on the right was taken on Rue Le Bastard and near a coffee-house where I already come to for many years. I want to tell a bit about my life here being a reporter, living in a foreign country new to me. When I first set foot in France my newspaper was providing me great help already, via our company I got a good international health insurance which made sure I could travel to other countries as well. Housing was arranged, very important for an expat working abroad like me. And there was a fixed team, which turned out to become good friends[…]


The extreme

Media and entertainment are one of the most powerful instruments in the world. Imagine that you can make a story which captivates a majority and you can let them do exactly as you please, for what ever reason you can think of.

Sometimes it is done unintentionally, or sometimes it is done because it looks cool and gives a thrill. Like a scary movie.

One of these is the French Music Video Justice – Stress. A video made by the filmmaker RomainGavras.[…]


Different camera angles

In the previous post we covered a music video. The music video is shot documentary style and really brings you as the viewer along their journey. You almost feel as one of them but feel very sad for the people who they handle. The moment the group starts to turn on the documentary makers, you feel genuine scared.

This is a tactic used first by the public news. They way a camera crew received orders from the news and determined they way they should report a story.

There is a big difference when you see the forces arguing with certain people from different angles. Let’s say on the left you see the police, and on the right side you see badly[…]



For all this it is very deliberating that the internet has come on our path. Problem however also is that it get’s too crowded and people start to believe and disbelieve everything. Because now everyone has a voice and an opinion.

Let’s return to the good side. On of these is HONY, Humans of New York. These great captivating stories take away your breath.

All the people being interviewed are real, it feels real, and it looks real by the astonishing photographs. The photos capture the realness of the story and the amount of people liking it are not that little.

HONY has been covered by many media outlets and is a world wide phenomenon. It is beautiful in its[…]