About F-S-E

Forfait – Sans – Engagement


Withdrawal Without Commitment. Our blog is a bit more serious than most blogs you will encounter. Our goal is to write about the changes Paris and other parts of France are making, how the media is reacting towards it and what effect it has on the community.


Now with all the refugees going on, it is important how we should treat each other and how to portray elements of our civilization. We are all human beings, parents or no parents, large or small houses but in the end every single life matters. You cannot control theirs, and they cannot control yours. And this is the most beautiful part, it shouldn’t’ be controlled.


We tend to want to control so much, want to give the answer to others even though we are not certain to any answer ourselves. There are thousands of people coming to our country, but because they are poor, are different or have another point of view does that make them less? Less human? Should they not have the same right to live and enjoy life to their own standards then?


Our mission is to see all the facets of these matters, all the impacts.


In short: live your own life, be the best you can be and don’t try to tell others how to live life or how they should act, or do. The moment we lose focus on our own lives and focus on others by telling how they should live, our own lives will crumble. I have seen many families fallen apart because the husband was focusing on all the negativity of others and wanted them to pursue the same values as he did, but by doing so, his wife and children left him and he was left over with nothing. The first thing which came to that man was hatred and more negativity towards the group he was trying to change, but later he accepted the fact that we are all humans (two eyes, two ears, one mouth, 1 heart) but we all have our own lifestyle.