Being a reporter

I’ve been here already for a very long time. The photo taken on the right was taken on Rue Le Bastard and near a coffee-house where I already come to for many years. I want to tell a bit about my life here being a reporter, living in a foreign country new to me. When I first set foot in France my newspaper was providing me great help already, via our company I got a good international health insurance which made sure I could travel to other countries as well. Housing was arranged, very important for an expat working abroad like me. And there was a fixed team, which turned out to become good friends of mine.

Things I needed to get use to was food. The food was excellent but just so different. The culture was quite different, taking things not so serious. Other things were of course traveling, the public transport I was not use to. But having a car of my own can be risky and very expensive which is not covered by my company.

In general I really enjoy this type of life and can’t imagine going back to the basic. I will tell more in-depth stories soon in other posts.