For all this it is very deliberating that the internet has come on our path. Problem however also is that it get’s too crowded and people start to believe and disbelieve everything.  Because now everyone has a voice and an opinion.


Let’s return to the good side. On of these is HONY, Humans of New York. These great captivating stories take away your breath.


All the people being interviewed are real, it feels real, and it looks real by the astonishing photographs. The photos capture the realness of the story and the amount of people liking it are not that little.


HONY has been covered by many media outlets and is a world wide phenomenon. It is beautiful in its purest. We urge to read certain stories which will broaden you mind and let you know that you are not alone out here with your opinion ruling over all others.


The world is huge, and there are so many good things and bad things. If we would all share and stood open for everyone it would be amazing what we all can achieve from learning from each other. The reason why we tell you all this is because of the refugees. HONY has covered their stories and gave every single one of them a voice. Providing them a more real feeling, a human being of flesh and blood with a family and kids and parents and grand parents and friends and a job and a goal in life. Instead of just being a number of someone fleeing their country because some other countries are doing something towards it.