The extreme

Media and entertainment are one of the most powerful instruments in the world. Imagine that you can make a story which captivates a majority and you can let them do exactly as you please, for what ever reason you can think of.


Sometimes it is done unintentionally, or sometimes it is done because it looks cool and gives a thrill. Like a scary movie.


One of these is the French Music Video Justice – Stress. A video made by the filmmaker RomainGavras.


The previous happy song by Justice has taken a 180 degree turn towards something which was covering the news and making political statements to many. In the video we see a group of children from the French lower income locations and actually destroying lives of many others. Instead of going after the rich or the people in power who can make a change faster, they go after everyone, making all the lives they encounter worse.


This video is by far the extreme. We will cover several videos and later will go into the impact it has on the world.